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London_by_@aseemsood London is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has some great people and an excellent public transport system.

On my last London visit, I met fellow AMEC (@amecorg) board directors for our annual AMEC Board meet. At the meeting a fellow Director from Britain, Colin Wheeler (@colin_wheeler), was seen using a lot of cool gadgets.

  1. Colin started the day with Microsoft Surface 3, in tablet mode, to take notes.
  2. Then he took out an external monitor from his bag and attached it as an extended monitor to his Surface 3 (now in laptop mode)
  3. Next came out a fancy pen which converted all his notes into digital notes on his smartphone.
  4. Not to mention the several accessories that he kept using through out the day.

But the best part was that all his gadgets (including the external LCD monitor) fit into his tiny bag.

Next day, we bumped into Colin at an event organised by Ben Smith (@therealprmoment). He was carrying the same bag. So, Johna Burke (@gojohnab) challenged Colin to show us the contents of his bag. Check out this video. You will be surprised to see his magical Bob The Builder bag.

Colin Commented: “This isn’t Actually the Full Monty. This is the half monty”

Dear Colin, we will wait to see the FULL MONTY version i.e. the bigger gadget bag, sometime soon.

P.S. Colin is still using a PC and a Samsung android phone. Imagine what would happen if he were to start using an iPhone and a Mac 😉 … lol.