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Recently I attended a virtual conference by @amecorg. This picture is from the same.

Here are the gadgets I typically use for my video meetings (most are also visible in the picture above):


  1. Sony A6000 mirrorless camera as a webcam
  2. Sigma MC11 mount converter as I use a canon EF lens on a Sony E mount camera
  3. Canon 50mm lens – prime f/1.8 (It offers amazing depth of field)
  4. Joby tripod to hold the camera
  5. Elgato CamLink 4K to connect Sony Mirrorless camera to computer


  1. Shure Super 55 microphone
  2. Zoom H5 as an audio interface to push audio into my computer
  3. SAMSON MB1 mini boom stand for Shure Super 55
  4. Apple AirPods


  1. MacBook Pro 13
  2. AppleTV to connect TV to the computer wirelessly
  3. Second display: LG Tv or Philips 21:9 monitor
  4. Bose Solo 5 Sound-bar with LG TV or Audyssey Wireless Speakers with Philips Monitor
  5. Logitech X100 BT speaker