मेला @ Black Rock City, 2017

“Over prepared Camp”

We did not join any camp at Burning Man 2017. We were all too busy, in the preceding months, to do our home work on camps, their interests and the joining process. We were busy preparing to survive in the Black Rock City. We had read several articles and guides written by other Burners. We had extra for everything – food, water (lots of it), clothes (warm and cold), etc. We painted our bicycles too. Within an hour of reaching the Playa, none of the bicycle paint was visible. All bicycles looked the same. 

We were clearly the official “Over prepared Camp” of the Burning Man 2017.



Indian Connection on the Playa- Aseem, Ashish, Punjabi Ninja*, Doogie* and Pankaj

*Official Playa Names.

“Playa Dust”

None of what I write here will prepare you for the Playa Dust. Its everywhere…… literally everywhere as soon as you pass the gate. Your bikes becomes white, your clothes are all white (even if you were wearing dark colours). And you can feel something like the talcum powder all across your body. Thankfully, as soon as you reach the gate, you are requested to follow the custom of embracing the playa dust by laying flat on the playa and moving your arms and legs. Post this you have dust everywhere in your body. This is an excellent custom because post this your fear/ reluctance with dust vanishes. This is very important.


“White Out”

Storms are called white outs on the Playa. We experienced three within the first  couple of hours of reaching the playa. Nothing (I mean nothing) is visible during a whiteout. Look at my friends after the whiteout.


“Playa is unbelievably beautiful and large”

For the first few days we wondered if we will. ever get to the edge of the Playa. But the good news that the edge of Playa exists and is not as difficult to find as it may look. We found the edge on one of the nights. Look at some of the wide Playa views.

“Nothing can prepare you for the Playa view at night”

Colourful lights everywhere, music, glowing bicycles moving in all directions. Its a party…


“Art Cars”

These animals with lights and sound roam around the Playa, at slow speeds. They have their own DJ, Bar and some even have a diner. They invite and ferry people and their bikes from one place to another. And remember, no commerce happens at the Playa so as long as you bring your mug, every bar will offer you what they have in store without expecting anything in return. Creativity and effort of the art car artists made us wonder what. motivates them. See for your self.

“Playa has its own Temple”

Yes, it may come to you as a surprise but Playa has its own temple. Our gang spent a couple of hours there on the night of Sep 1. They were playing a silent Piano concert. Piano player was seated in the open outside the Temple and playing. To listen to his Piano you could pick up a pair of wireless headphones. You could be anywhere in the Temple and still listen to the piano on my the headphones. When I walked to the headphones box it was empty. As soon as I started walking back, someone took off his headphones and handed them over to me. I can’t describe what I heard, it was full of emotions.


“Burning Man”

He was Burnt on Sep 2, 2017.

Last Import - 1 of 634 (93)


Last Import - 1 of 634 (158)



  1. Aseem, written from the heart… and how wonderfully described. Loved your group pic wearing the ‘mundu’. Awesome :-). Regards Manas

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